Happy Hogan
Basic Information
Real Name Harold "Happy" Hogan
Designation Number N/A
Aliases N/A
Affiliation Stark Industries
Occupation Former bodyguard of Tony Stark

Current bodyguard of Pepper Potts Stark Industries' Head of Security

Nationality American
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 240 lbs
Status Single
Happy Hogan was the former bodyguard of Tony Stark. When Stark stepped down as CEO and became a superhero, Happy became the new bodyguard of Pepper Potts, current CEO of Stark Industries. He is also Stark Industries' head of security.


Stark's BodyguardEdit

Harold "Happy" Hogan is a long-time friend of entrepenuer Tony Stark. Stark employed him as his personal bodyguard and chauffeur.

Happy accompanied Stark in his supposed ceremony at Caesar's Palace but they ended up gambling. He then tries to sway reporter Christine Everhart from interviewing Tony but lets do the interview when Stark asks if she's cute. 

When Stark was kidnapped, Happy tried everything he could to try and find Tony. Along with Pepper, they welcome their boss back from captivity, Happy even had small tears coming from his eyes to which Stark jokes him at it.